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My dream career

I have an unexpected dream, it’s an idea, but you won’t believe me when I tell you. You’ll say I’m interested in it because of the money, because I’m cynical, but it’s that very image I want to fight back against. That image is the reason I’m writing this post.

My dream is to become a medical malpractice lawyer. I think through becoming a medical malpractice attorney, I could help people in their time of need. People who are victims of wrongdoing at the hand of a medical professional. A medical professional that they trusted with their lives in a time of great need that has failed them.

Think about it like this: if some doctor screwed up and performed your operation incorrectly, wouldn’t you like to get some compensation for that? I mean, the doctor made a mistake that you’re stuck with dealing with potentially forever. But what if you don’t have the money to sue a doctor? Hospitals have lots of money, and they all have insurance companies backing them. And at every level, they have powerful assets that want to keep you from getting a cent despite your unfortunate circumstance.

To me, the lawyer who takes your case and gets you the money you deserve is a hero. And I’m not against the medical community. I think malpractice lawyers help doctors, even if doctors probably don’t like sharing a taxi home with one. Malpractice lawyers help keep doctors honest and focused. The fact that a doctor can be sued for bad mistakes means they’re more likely to remain aware of their actions.

Yes, it also means they have too much paperwork, and I’m not against laws changing to make some of that easier on them and patients, but fundamentally, you want to have someone there to defend you in the event that you have to deal with a health issue for the rest of your life.

So, that’s my dream, to be that guy. No one would question my desire to be a doctor, for instance. But I think, in my own way, I’ll be doing my part to help people, and I’m willing to let them assume the worst if I feel I’m doing my best regardless.

The truth is plenty of people end up with some serious injuries due to medical malpractice. And some of those cases really do deserve to be tried.

I want to be that guy. I want to help people out in their time of need. Especially in an unfortunate circumstance that will cost them a ton of money in medical bills over a long period of time. I hope you all can see why now.